Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wild and Wacky Weather

Oops. It's now Thursday and this was written yesterday. Just roll your clocks back 24 hours.

It's still with us. Last night there was a severe thunderstorm warning for most of the city and the suburbs east of the Willamette, and on my way home around 9:00 there was one, solitary lighting flash near Beaverton. It was so bright I thought that a thousand traffic enforcemet cameras had flashed at once, and it was followed by probably the loudest peal of thunder I've ever heard. And that was it. No more lightning and no more thunder, though we did get a little shower of pea-sized hail around 9:30 along with some nice gusts.

Today is a rinse and repeat with mostly steady rain. Possible thundershowers this afternoon and evening.

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