Saturday, September 10, 2011

A fast update.

I've just spent the last four days in training with another four weeks (yes, weeks) scheduled. The first three days were mostly orientation and getting housekeeping items taken care of, like email accounts and so forth, but the pace has been pretty fast. Yesterday afternoon we finally got a big dose of Apple culture and Monday we'll continue that and start hitting the product line pretty hard later in the week.

I'm exhausted. My brain has been given the full Paula Deen treatment - battered and deep-fried. Nonetheless, I'm off to the shower so I can shop at the farmer's market and drag my sorry butt out to Carton to pour wine with Byron at the ol' tasting room.

I'll check back in early next week. In the meantime, pop a cork and raise a glass with me as I honor the people who died ten years ago tomorrow.

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