Thursday, September 24, 2009

We Never Have Any Fun!

Welcome to my wacky little world.  You're probably wondering why I gave my initial post the title I did.  Well, years ago I hung out (read: drank beer) with some of the guys from the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club in San Diego.   Their motto was, "We never have any fun!"  Of course, having fun was mostly what they did, and that's what we're going to do here.

We're going to explore, in a somewhat random and irreverent fashion, the bounty of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  There will be some wine and winery reviews, focusing primarily on the wines of Oregon (duck juice).  There will be some recipes and "how-to's", and the first ones may actually revolve around duck.  We'll talk beer, shopping and foraging for food, and there will be the occasional non-sequiter subject and maybe a joke or three.  There will be opinions, mostly because I never met an opinion I couldn't have and I like sharing them, but I assure you they won't be political.

This project has been incubating in my brain for quite some time and I was sort of stuck in neutral trying to create it.  Inertia had set in and trying to get it going became a bit like trying to push-start a D9 Cat.  Imagine trying to push one of these babies down the street while yelling, "Drop the clutch!"

I'd become sort of paralyzed in my efforts to fulfill a decades-old desire to write and a short term need to produce revenue (hence the AdSense presence in the sidebar) without prostituting myself to an employer - an ugly prospect given that I'm a reluctant follower.  I needed something to get me off my ass and get moving, but I didn't know what it was and I had no clue where it was going to come from.

Ten days ago exactly, I received an unexpected package of sorts.  It came in the form of my new and dear friend and fellow blogger Tracey Buxton. The little push I needed to actually begin this journey came from her, and I thank her from the innermost of my being for serendipitously entering my life and providing some ideas and inspiration I was so sorely lacking.  Tracey, you're the best, and if this flies it will all be because of you.


  1. Hi Bob,
    No pressure but, be good to Tracey she deserves the best. Your blog is great, I enjoyed reading all of the posts so far! I will be checking in on you,.... I mean checking back often!

  2. Hi there - of course you know where we jumped over from. I have glanced through all these posts and added you to my google reader so I can come back.

    Question about Oregon Pinot Noir - my favorite so far has been "Big Fire" any commentary or additional recommendations. Note we are on the east coast and some folks just do not know how to get good wine into the area of North Georgia where we are.